Spanish B.O. Rebounds Slightly

Per new statistics from the Culture Ministry, there was a slight drop in number of theaters in Spain and an upturn in percentage of b.o. culled by Spanish pics in 1990.

Hardtops dropped from 1,802 in 1989 to 1,773 last year. Attendance was almost the same in 1990 as in 1989: 78,510,807 compared with 78,056,886. Latter figure suggests theatergoing has stabilized after a 25-year plummet, which bottomed out at 69.6 million admissions in 1988.

Total b.o. revenue for 1990 was 28.3 billion pesetas, or $283 million, up slightly from $253.6 million in 1989. Admission is currently about $5.50 at firstruns.

Yank pics cornered 72.5% of the revenue. When added to other English-language pics, Anglo product accounted for 81.07% of revenue. Spanish pics’ share improved from a 7.69% share in 1989 to 11.09% in 1990, thanks mainly to local comedy “Aqui Huele A Muerto,” Pedro Almodovar’s “Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!” warbler “Yo Soy Esa” and Carlos Saura’s “Ay, Carmela!”

Other European cinema (excluding Spain and the U.K.) accounted for only 7.84% of revenue in Spain last year.

Topping revenue was Warner Bros., with $73.3 million at wickets; followed by UIP (Par/Universal), $67.7 million; Columbia, $35.6 million; Lauren Films (indies), $23.8 million; M. Salvador/Fox, $20.7 million; Unirecord (indies), $9.5 million; Iberoamericana, $6.8 million; Ivex, $6 million; Araba, $3.4 million; Filmayer, $2.9 million.

Top grossing 15 pics in 1990 in Spain follow.

Grosses are expressed in millions of dollars.

Pretty Woman (Touchstone/WB) $12,097

Dead Poets Society (Touchstone/WB) $9,453

Total Recall (Carolco/Col) 8.075

Ghost (Par/UIP) 7.969

Look Who’s Talking (Tri-Star/Col) 7.938

Tango & Cash (WB) 6.627

Die Hard 2 (Fox/M. Salvador) 5.977

Gremlins 2 (WB) 5.922

Born On The Fourth Of July (Universal/UIP) 5.884

Aui Huele A Muerto (WB) 4.827

Atame (Lauren) 4.827

Dick Tracy (Touchstone/WB) 4.616

The War of The Roses (Fox/M. Salvador) 4.616

Back To The Future, Part II (Universal/UIP) 4.022

Yo Soy Esa (WB) 3.861

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