‘Home’ Hits $100 Million Overseas

Two b.o. champions hit new highs overseas last week, as “Ghost” surpassed $220 million and “Home Alone” crashed through the $100 million barrier.

“Dances With Wolves” had a pacy debut in London, fueled by excellent reviews and lavish publicity, and surely will go into orbit armed with a fistful of Oscar nominations. Also at relatively early stages of their foreign careers, “Kindergarten Cop” and “Three Men And A Little Lady” are earning tidy sums.

UA’s “Rocky V” advanced to $69.2 million, and probably will have enough puff to peak at about $80 million, which would put its domestic figure in the shade.

Paramount/UIP’s “Ghost” still is playing on more than 1,000 screens internationally, and the distrib said it’s adding screens to cash in on the Oscar noms. Gross to date: $221 milllion.

The German funnybone is being much tickled by 20th Century Fox’ “Home Alone.” Germany is now the top earner for the Chris Columbus comedy, having roped in $19.1 million through four weeks, now on 514 screens, as its overseas gross last week ascended to $100.5 million.

“Home Alone” had some stiff opposition in Germany from new arrival Universal/UIP’s “Kindergarten Cop,” which hooked $2.1 million from 311 prints. From a handful of territories, Ivan Reitman’s film has garnered $21 million, including $7.1 million in Australia (six weeks), $6.5 million in Britain (two), $917,000 in the Netherlands and $765,000 in Belgium.

Despite more dreadful weather in Britain last weekend, fresh entries WB/Touehstone’s “Three Men And A Little Lady” grossed a superb $4.6 million at 289 prints, and Guild’s “Dances With Wolves” devoured an impressive $255,640 at four London screens. Latter goes wide March 8.

The first “Three Men” caper netted film rentals of some $21 million in Europe, and WB, encouraged by good performances by the sequel in Italy and Sweden, believes it has a good shot at beating that.

Down Under, the top 20 titles grossed a shade over $4 million, off 7% from the previous frame, so “Green Card” did uncommonly well to improve by 4% in its second outing, propelled by a saturation ad-promo campaign. “Avalon” was a predictably slow starter (nearly $30,000 on five screens) but “Reversal Of Fortune” opened with a healthy $283,000 on 43, indicating that, in Oz as elsewhere, audiences have a taste for scandal.

“Green Card” had splendid preems in Sweden and Norway, good auguries as it fans out this week in France, Switzerland and Denmark, and next month in other European territories.

Paris ticket sales skyrocketed by $1.8 million over the previous week, mostly because of a weeklong promotion in which ducats for early evening screenings were slashed to 18 francs from as much as 44. Biggest beneficiary was “Highlander II,” which also had a smashing debut in Italy.

The top 10 titles in Rome were stet at about $6.2 million, but it’s worth noting that “Mediterranean,” third film from popular young helmer Gabriele Salvatores, grabbed $164,530 in its second turn at just six cinemas. A lucrative future beckons for the comedy about Italian soldiers stranded on a Greek island during World War II, as it progressively broadens to 70 prints.


For week ended Feb. 7; $1=1.64 guilder.

“Pacific Heights” (Fox/MPG). Mortgaged $18,604 from one collateral in second installment.

“Home Alone” (Fox/HFR). Took care of itself with $18,318 from two dwellings in seventh term.

“The Sheltering Sky” (WB/Concorde). Shined $16,741 from one oasis in 10th journey.

“The Witches” (WB/MPG). Eerie $13,047 from two cabins in eighth sabbath.

“Navy Seals” (Orion/Col). Conquered $12,881 from third attack in one battleship.

“Narrow Margin” (Orion/Concorde). Brakes were on with $12,397 in one coach in second trip.

“The Hairdresser’s Husband” (Cor Koppies). Charmed $12,248 from one salon in second cut.

“Ghost” (Par/UIP). Nice $11,224 from one nirvana in 17th afterlife.

“Ju Dou” (Argus). Spicy $10,697 from two eateries in eighth serving.

“Flatliners” (Col). Registered$10,661 from two polygraphs in 10th treatment.


For week ended Feb. 7; $1=155 drachmas.

“Rocky V” (UA/UIP). KO’d the competition in first bout at 12 rings for $123,856.

“Flatliners” (Col). Second journey beyond attracted many observers at nine centers for $53,364. Cumulative total $183,651.

“Home Alone” (Fox). Hasn’t succumbed in seventh offensive at eight houses for $34,190. Cume $841,080.

“Everybody’s Fine” (Sovereign). All stayed fine in third visit to two domiciles for $16,760. Cume $69,216.

“Another 48 HRS.” (Par/UIP). Third hunt for bad guy at six hangouts brought $15,587. Cume $174,994.

“Cyrano de Bergerac” (Sonet). Fifth declaration at one tryst brought $9,574. Cume $943,429.

“Pretty Woman” (Touchstone). Proved absence makes the heart grow fonder in eighth reunion in four pent houses for $9,574. Cume $841,080.

Indies not reported.


For week ended Feb. 13; $A1=78cent.

“Green Card” (Touchstone/Roadshow) Grew $1,196,101 in 82 greenhouses in second. Cumulative total $2,825,066.

“Kindergarten Cop” (Universal/UIP). Handcuffed $523,743 in sixth spree at 96 moppet shops. Cume $7,317,344.

“Home Alone” (Fox). Secured $465,387 in 98 standoffs in ninth. Cume $9,418,995.

“Ghost” (Par/UIP). Love-after-death sold $310,116 on 96 in 16th. Cume $15,011,812.

“Reversal Of Fortune” (WB/Roadshow). Suave opening at $283,423 from 43. Cume $283,423.

“Look Who’s Talking Too” (Tri-Star). Moving toward a mutter with $269,817 from 82 in fourth. Cume $3,139,726.

“Three Men And A Little Lady” (Touchstone). Slipping, but $185,711 in 10th on 54. Cume $7,632,724.

“Arachnophobia” (Hollywood Pictures/Roadshow). Entrapped $131,587 in 44 webs in seventh. Cume $1,959,139.

“Predator 2” (Fox). Bit off $120,630 at 42 in sixth. Cume $4,138,114.

“Memphis Belle” (WB). Seventh mission saw $95,980 from 39 formations. Cume $1,839,466.


For week ended Feb. 10; $1=5.8 DK.

“Kindergarten Cop” (Universal/UIP). Outstanding entry for Arnold with $41,203 on three.

“Arachnophobia” (Hollywood Pictures/WB). Scared the audience into paying $24,057 on three in fourth. Cumulative total $123,887.

“Memphis Belle” (WB). Flew high with $21,132 on three in second. Cume $37,774.

“Home Alone” (Fox). Charming $19,978 on five in eight. Cume $413,567.

“Narrow Margin” (Orion/SF). Stayed on track with $19,213 on three in second. Cume $54,209.

“Pacific Heights” (Fox). Thrills and spills with $18,824 on four in fifth. Cume $145,522.

“My Father’s Glory” (Camerafilm). Excellent entry with $17,277 on one. Cume $23,675.

“Nikita” (Dansk). Fair action with $11,353 on two in ninth. Cume $272,188.

“The Sheltering Sky” (WB). So-so desert walk with $10,987 on one in fourth. Cume $58,457.

“The French Festival” (Camerafilm). Not much interest for French films with $9,494 on one. Cume $11,674.


For the week ended Feb. 6; $1=1.45 DM.

“Home Alone” (Fox). Scintillating $5,016,818 in third week on 474 screens. Cumulative total $15,845,027.

“Highlander II” (Highlight). Promising 254-print bow fetched $2,502,099.

“Arachnophobia” (Hollywood Pictures/WB). Eased to $614,952 in fourth frame at 205 outlets. Cume $3,505,148.

“Rama Dama” (Senator). Steady $513,817 in fourth shuffle at 134 houses. Cume $2,255,204.

“Cyrano de Bergerac” (Concorde). Worthy $507,008 in third duel at 53 spots. Cume $1,235,643.

“Werner-Beinhart” (Neue Constantin). Leggy $471,034 in 11th caper at 238 units. Cume $20,120,867.

“Go Trabi Go” (Neue Constantin). Unchanged at $446,897 in third run at 93 reststops. Cume $1,160,382.

“The Little Mermaid” (Disney/WB). Faded to $368,712 in 10th splash at 372 pools. Cume $16,402,785.

“Presumed Innocent” (WB). Waned to $352,111 in eighth hearing at 163 locales. Cume $6,077,007.

“Sibling Rivalry” (Col/Jugendfilm). Slack $319,263 in fifth week at 101 outlets. Cume $1,935,111.


For week ended Feb. 14; $1=3.6. FM.

“Kindergarten Cop” (Universal/UIP). Explosive debut with $52,883 on two.

“Pacific Heights” (Fox/Finnkino). Thrilled auds with $25,177 from two in fourth. Cumulative total $163,992.

“Home Alone” (Fox/Finnkino). Slower games with $19,616 on one in eight. Cume $487,268.

“Prince Of The Hit Parade” (Finnkino). Local music-film sparkles with $18,343 on two in third. Cume $61,932.

“The Rookie” (WB). Poor action with $15,112 on one in second. Cume $42,195.

“Cyrano de Bergerac” (Finnkino). Still fighting with $14,573 on one in third. Cume $48,891.

“Arachnophobia” (Hollywood Pictures/WB). Not so scary with $7,667 on one in fifth. Cume $113,585.

“The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & And Her Lover” (Finnkino). Hearty meal with $7,663 on one in 12th. Cume $191,322.


For week ended Feb. 10; $1=1,140 lire.

“Home Alone” (Fox). Bagged bountiful $1,750,990 in fourth burglary at 97. Cumulative total $5,664,010.

“Highlander II” (Filmauro). Bowed at 63 to a lively $1,378,280.

“Nikita” (Penta). Dwindled to $652,850 in ninth encounter at 78. Cume $5,045,350.

“Alice” (Orion/CDI). Captured cute $503,150 in third round at 42. Cume $1,178,350.

“Pacific Heights” (Fox). Claimed $457,590 in third rental at 54 condos. Cume $1,119,770.

“The Sheltering Sky” (Penta). Slid to $417,870 in ninth trek at 46. Cume $8,175,280.

“Billions” (Penta). Slim $397,030 in third exploit at 49. Cume $1,016,840.

“Reversal Of Fortune” (WB Italia). Drew sluggish $274,030 in third frame at 35. Cume $695,140.

“Air America” (Carolco/Penta). Carried promising $243,460 in second flight at 14. Cume $347,320.

“Mediterranean” (Penta). Second swim at six netted an impressive $164,530. Cume $229,410.


For week ended Feb. 14; £1=$1.98.

“Three Men And A little Lady” (Touchstone/WB). Terrific seven-theater opening gross of $339,491.

“Dances With Wolves” (Orion/Guild). Wham $255,644 preem via four screens.

“Postcards From The Edge” (Col/Tri- Star). Happy $181,406 third at seven. Cumulative total $605,462.

“Cyrano de Bergerac” (Artificial Eye). Robust $169,458 fifth turn at four. Cume $1,077,465.

“The Grifters” (Miramax/Palace). Smart $160,172 second for six venues. Cume $353,910.

“Kindergarten Cop” (Universal/UIP). Fast $150,074 second at five after unreported $263,406 first. Cume $413,480.

“Reversal Of Fortune” (WB/Rank). Soft $49,029 fifth at five. Cume $524,111.

“The Sheltering Sky” (Palace). Dim $36,854 11th at four. Cume $1,083,468.

“Havana” (Universal/UIP). Poor $34,610 third at three. Cume $202,525.

“Home Alone” (Fox). Tired 10th round had $32,129 from six sites. Cume $1,150,506.


For week ended Feb. 10; $1=92 pesetas.

“Wild At Heart” (Goldwyn/Lauren). Whammo $139,867 at four sites in second week. Cumulative total $235,825.

“Marked For Death” (Fox/M. Salvador). Okay $101,410 at eight screens in second week. Cume $190,652.

“Home Alone” (Fox/M. Salvador/Fox). Fine $86,553 at five homes in eighth assault. Cume $1,210,288.

“Los Mas Natural” (C.B.). Fair $75,393 at seven venues in third week. Cume $154,816.

“Flatliners” (Col). Fine $72,142 at four in fourth. Cume $374,594.

“Ghost” (Par/UIP). Back on chart with $66,716 at five haunts in 15th appearance. Cume (14 weeks) $2,180,434.

“Pretty Woman” (Touchstone/WB). Still lovely $45,338 at two hotels in 18th week. Cume $2,199,851.

“The Rookie” (WB). Unconvincing $42,854 at five rookeries in third patrol. Cume $173,393.

“The Sheltering Sky” (WB/Iberoamericana/UIP). Sluggish $37,796 at five caravans in 10th crossing. Cume $766,915.

“Memphis Belle” (WB). Heavy-duty $34,587 at seven strips in third flight. Cume $144,201.


For week ended Feb. 2, $1=5.7 NK.

“Green Card” (Touchstone/WB). Excellent first immigration with $82,067 on two. Cumulative total $87,840.

“Pacific Heights” (Fox/KF). Slipped slightly with $43,650 on two in second. Cume $122,954.

“Home Alone” (Fox/KF). Charm failed with $28,523 on three in 10th. Cume $766,670.

“Memphis Belle” (WB). Excellent first flight with $21,622 on one. Cume $28,035.

“Miller’s Crossing” (Fox/KF). Beat up one for $20,782. Cume $24,075.

“The Sheltering Sky” (WB). Footsteps slowed with $20,132 on one in third. Cume $113,093.

‘The Litlle Mermaid” (Disney/WB). Sank with $11,621 on four in 11th. Cume $326,733.

“Desperate Hours” (KF). No thrills with $10,557 on one in third. Cume $84,006.

“The Hot Spot” (Orion/KF). Ran out of steam with $9,259 on two in seventh. Cume $148,801.

“Beyond 7 Seas” (UIP). Slow winds for local film with $8,193 on two.


For week ended Feb. 12; $1 =5 FF.

“Highlander II” (Deal/UGC). Mighty $1,246,224 debut swagger 207,704 swordsmen on 47 fields.

“Operation Corned Beef (Gaumont). Fine opening interrogation reaped $774,954 from 129,159 agents on 43 cases.

“Alice” (Orion/Col). Bowed at 21 with swanky $669,216 from 111,536 Woody fans.

“The Grifters” (Miramax/Gaumont). Struck again with useful $213,750 in third heist by 35,625 villains at reduced 22.

“Pacific Heights” (Fox). Average second week for 31,774 unwanted tenants saw $190,644 at 26 residences.

“Flatliners” (Col/Tri-Star). Faded to $190,602 in fifth from 31,767 corpses on 32 slabs.

“Great, My Parents Are Divorcing” (AFMD). Held steady in second seperation with $179,040 from 29,840 divorcees at 30.

“Le Brasier” (WB). Downed tools with poor $142,242 in second action by 23,707 workers at 30.

“La Discrete” (Pan Europeenne). Stunning stamina in twelfth with $133,050 from 22,175 beaux at 15.

“Henry V” (AFMD). Slipped slightly in fourth banquet for 19,419 barons with $116,514 at 10 castles.


For week ended Feb. 14; $1=5.5 SK.

“Green Card” (Touchstone/WB). Immigrated with outstanding $101,090 on two.

“Home Alone” (Fox/SF). Played along with $48,909 on five in ninth. Cumulative total $695,090.

“Kindergarten Cop” (Universal/UIP). Poor action with $36,545 on four in second. Cume $94,363.

“Arachnophobia” (Hollywood Pictures/WB). Okay scares with $34,363 on one in third. Cume $149,090.

“The Little Mermaid” (Disney/WB), Far from sinking with $26,363 on seven in 11th. Cume $860,545.

“Three Men And A little Lady” (Touchstone/WB). Charming $22,545 on three in 10th. Cume $528,909.

“Cyrano de Bergerac” (Sonet). Feeble $21,626 on two in 10th. Cume $345,454.

“Miller’s Crossing” (Fox/SF). The thrills are there with $21,454 on one in third. Cume $81,818.

“The Big Blue” (Sonet). A dry $20,727 from two in second for long version. Cume $46,909.


For week ended Jan. 17; $1=1.26 SF.

“Home Alone” (Fox). Terrific $76,419 in fourth at three homes. Cumulative total $358,938.

“The little Mermaid” (Disney/WB). Continued to make waves with enchanting $55,671 in seventh swim at two seas. Cume $544,022.

“Presumed Innocent” (WB). Seventh trial at one court brought suspenseful $35,274. Cume $339,694.

“Air America” (Carolco/Fox). First raid at one base captured high-flying $32,496.

“Arachnophobia” (Hollywood Pictures/WB). First attack at one cellar won a scary $31,444.

“Ghost” (Par/UIP). Slipped to still acceptable $30,176 in 11th at two. Cume $519,275.

“Ju Dou” (Filmcooperative Zurich). Astounding $22,011 for Chinese import in fourth at one. Cume $96,442.

“Everybody’s Fine” (Monopole Pathe Films Zurich). First trip showed agreeable $16,983 at one staition.

“Pretty Woman” (Touchstone/WB). Still pretty with $15,757 in 28th at one small seater. Cume $1,096,785.

“The Sheltering Sky” (Concorde/Monopole Pathe). So-so $13,419 in eighth at one. Cume $192,181.

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