‘Home Alone’ A Winner; ‘Ghost’ Steady

Rushing “Home Alone” into the foreign market for Christmas was a gamble that could have gone horribly wrong, but four weeks later and with more than $42 million in the till, 20th Century Fox is on a winning streak.

Chris Columbus’ comedy is topping the charts in most markets, and it has plenty of blue sky ahead with Germany, Italy and Japan. Among the windfalls are $9 million in Britain, $5.9 million in France, $5 million in Spain, $4.6 million in Australia, $2.2 million in Belgium, $2.1 million in Holland, $1.9 million in Switzerland, $1.6 million in Norway, and an aggregate $5.2 million in Latin America.

Internationally, Paramount’s “Ghost” continued on its meteoric path with a cumulative gross of $189.7 million, and it seems set to break through the $200 million barrier in the next 10 days. Standout numbers include the U.K. with a shade under $40 million, Japan $35 million and Italy $11.2 million.

While UA’s “Rocky V” virtually has gone down for the count in the U.S., it has much firmer legs in foreign, with $48.3 million gross so far. It’s earned $10.9 million in Japan, $9.1 million in Italy, $6.9 million in France and $3.2 million in Spain.

In the fiercely competitive Australian market, Sly Stallone’s pic is fading fast, while big Arnie Schwarzenegger arrived last week in Universal/UIP’s “Kindergarten Cop” and collared $1.9 million at 94 houses. That’s the fourth-biggest opening ever after “Crocodile Dundee,” “Batman” and “Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade,” UIP reported. Distrib slightly modified the campaign for foreign, stressing both the tough cop/good cop aspects, to ensure the pic is not aimed too young. Omens are good as it rolls out in most of Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia in February and March.

It was another phenomenal trading week Down Under, as the top 20 titles shot up 23%. Not so, however, for Disney’s “Duck Tales: The Movie” which began like a lame duck, predictably so after its U.S. run. WB is slotting it in the U.K. for February school vacation, and at Easter elsewhere.

In Britain, WB’s “Arachnophobia” posted excellent opening numbers, more so in the provinces than in the West End, and Guild’s “Air America” had a solid start at its London showcase, despite mostly derisive reviews.

In Italy, the cinemas could not maintain the dizzying heights of the previous frame’s $23 million haul, but at $15.8 million there was plenty of largesse to spread around.

Paris b.o. declined 21% after the holiday season, but “Home Alone,” Gallic hit “Uranus” and the tireless “Pretty Woman” continue as strong draws.


For week ended Jan. 4; $1=1.68 guilders.

“Home Alone” (Fox/HFR). Through the roof with $103,235 from three buildings in second holiday.

“The Little Mermaid” (Disney/WB). Enchanting $101,442 from four reefs in second exposure.

“The Witches” (WB/MPG). Magic $66,114 in third flight from two broomsticks.

“The Sheltering Sky” (WB). Still ascending to $36,421 from one heaven in fifth airing.

“Ghost” (Par/UIP). Unchained $34,435 in 12th appearance from one seance.

“Flatliners” (Col). Healthy $33,514 from two hospitals in fifth cure.

“Arachnophobia” (Touchstone/WB). Crawled to $29,342 from one coffin in third attack.

“Rocky V” (UA/UIP). Fast k.o. in third round on $29,314 from two gyms.

“Problem Child” (Universal/UIP). Wrecked $26,864 from two schools in seventh grade.

“Ju Dou” (Argus). Spicy $15,570 from two bowls in third serving.


For week ended Jan. 3; $1=155 drachmas.

“Home Alone” (Fox). Brainy brat’s encore in 11 hearths pulled more out of their own for $188,328. Cume $374,795.

“Goodfellas” (WB). Not-so-good fella oversees third bloodletting in six setups for $54,210. Cume $263,997.

“Back To The Future, Part III” (Universal/UIP). Second time travel sped west to seven homesteads for $53,897. Cume $134,845.

“Problem Child” (Universal/UIP). Hit the mark in bow at four centers for $29,447.

“The Little Mermaid” (Disney). Even more were immersed in romance under the sea in second splash at four reefs for $30,141. Cume $46,058.

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (New Line/Golden Harvest). Radioactive reptiles lost their glow in second conversion at six sites for $27,258. Cume $51,950.

“The Hot Spot” (Orion). Small-town shenanigans warmed up two parking lots in preem for $20,873.

“The Sheltering Sky” (Glinwood). Began wandering in circles in seventh trek to four outposts for $16,520. Cume $391,590.

“Dick Tracy” (Touchstone). Ready to close the case in fifth prowl at two stakeouts for $5,997. Cume $313,212.

“I Love You To Death” (Tri-Star/Col). Buried and forgotten in fourth wake at three for $5,576. Cume $100,962.


For week ended Jan. 9; $A1=77&cents;.

“Kindergarten Cop” (Universal/UIP). Mucho moppet profit with $1,914,369 from 94 in first.

“Home Alone” (Fox). Held firm with $1,614,868 from 118 forts in fourth. Cume $4,610,832.

“Three Men And A Little Lady” (Touchstone). Merry $1,058,048 from 121 in fifth. Cume $4,974,817.

“Ghost” (Par/UIP). Haunted 103 for $844,969 in 11th. Cume $12,180,960.

“The Neverending Story II” (WB). Charm still working: $659,374 at 119 in third. Cume $1,602,978.

“Total Recall” (Carolco/Tri-Star). Muscular $632,582 from 104 in fifth. Cume $4,588,842.

“Rocky V”(UA/UIP). So-so-socko $568,722 out of 84 corners in second bout. Cume $1,733,392.

“Memphis Belle” (WB). Winged in $392,693 from 71 sorties on second tour. Cume $955,936.

“Duck Tales: The Movie” (Disney). Quacked out $386,817 from 103 in first. Cume $386,817

“Almost An Angel” (Par/UIP). Nearly ethereal with $310,368 from 82 in third. Cume $1,237,367


For week ended Jan. 1; $1=35BF.

“Home Alone” (Fox). Excellent second week with $198,032 on five screens.

“Pretty Woman” (Touchstone/WB). In fifth, lovely $131,870 from seven.

“The Little Mermaid” (Disney/WB). Dove for $141,483 in fifth on eight screens.

“Ghost” (Par/UIP). Otherworldly in seventh week with $83,322 on seven screens.

“Rocky V” (UA/UIP). Jabbed for $72,870 in second on seven screens.

“Uranus” (Belga). Good second week with $53,935 on five screens.

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (New Line/Excelsior). Still green in third with $37,645 on five screens.

“The Sheltering Sky” (Indie). Good fourth week with $37,483 on three screens.

“La Discrete” (Cinelibre). Opened well with $433,741 on two screens.

“Fire Birds” (Touchstone/Motion Picture Group). Modest second week with $21,803 on three screens.

“Darkman” (Universal/UIP). In fourth, decent $17,741 on four screens.


For week ended Jan. 6; $1=5.9DK.

“Home Alone” (Fox). Outstanding $81,903 in third via five homes. Cumulative total $226,981.

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (New Line/UIP). Excellent $34,086 in second from three shells. Cume $107,345.

“The Little Mermaid” (Disney/WB). Excellent $30,790 from six in seventh wave. Cume $413,525.

“Nikita” (Dansk). Tough $28,757 via two in fifth. Cume $178,965.

“Young Guns II” (Fox). Sharpshooting $26,347 in second via one saloon. Cume $73,674.

“Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!” (Metronome). Whipped up good $17,224 via two in second.

“Bad Influence” (Triumph/Constantin). Thrilling $15,379 via two in second.

“Pretty Woman” (Touchstone/WB). Fine $15,366 via two in 22d walk. Cume $1,450,009.

“The Freshman” (Tri-Star/Nordisk). Fair $10,003 in second dish via two. Cume $27,145.

“Flatliners” (Col/Pathe-Nordisk). Fair $9,927 in ninth via two. Cume $154,843.


For week ended Jan. 2; $1=1.48 DM.

“Werner – Beinhart” (Neue Constantin). Excellent $2,836,486 in fifth frame at 492 units. Cumulative total $14,465,648.

“The Little Mermaid” (Disney/WB). Improved $2,726,707 in fifth week on 442 screens. Cume $11,808,839.

“Rocky V” (UA/UIP). Disappointing $1,695,074 in second round at 391 rings. Cume $4,205,731.

“Presumed Innocent” (WB). Tidy $1,056,515 in third trial at 116 courts. Cume $2,871,813.

“Flatliners”(Col/Tri-Star). Good $942,336 in sixth spiel at 289 places. Cume $6,876,561.

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (New Line/WB). Weak $939,617 in third caper at 316 sites. Cume $3,507,642.

“Pacific Heights” (Fox). Neat $310,063 in third outing at 97 venues. Cume $806,216.

“Dusted Death Warrant” (Senator). Little change in $246,091 in sixth rumble at 83 houses. Cume $2,005,854.

“The Sheltering Sky” (Jugendfilm). Leggy $210,293 in 10th trek at 78 tents. Cume $3,403,136.

“Peterchens Mondfahrt” (Atlas Film). Slack $168,416 in fifth journey at 105 launchpads. Cume $977,912.


For week ended Jan. 10; $1=3.7FM.

“Home Alone” (Fox/Finnkino). Excellent $88,471 on three in third. Cume $283,089.

“Total Recall” (Carolco/Finnkino). Strong $33,575 in second on four. Cume $207,417.

“The Exorcist III” (Fox/Finnkino). Preemed on one to $21,734.

“The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover” (Finnkino). A dish of $18,136 in seventh on one. Cume $136,449.

“Amazon” (Finnkino). Pulled $17,027 on one in fourth. Cume $783,517.

“Rocky V” (UA/UIP). So-so fighting with $16,558 on two in three. Cume $84,707.

“Everybody Wins” (Finnkino). Preemed to fair $15,499 on one.

“The Little Mermaid” (Disney/WB). Swam up $15,403 on three in sixth. Cume $188,197.

“Trop Belle Pour Toi” (Finnkino). So-so $9,758 on one in fifth. Cume $52,273.

“Quick Change” (WB). Preemed to fair money with $9,509.


For week ended Jan. 6; $1=1,150 lire.

“The Little Mermaid” (WB Italia). Netted a fabulous $3,082,536 in fifth romp at 110 caves. Cumulative total $10,310,306.

“Total Recall” (Carolco/Penta). Remembered $2,404,473 in fourth journey at 82. Cume $7,070,004.

“Christmas Vacation ’90” (Filmauro). Charmed $2,402,607 in third outing at 85. Cume $6,858,925.

“Rocky V” (UA/UIP). Slugged $1,871,973 in third match at 106. Cume $7,403,660.

“Tonight At Alice’s” (Penta). Cooked up $1,691,940 in third dinner at 63. Cume $4,336,772.

“The Sheltering Sky” (Penta). Feverish $1,252,946 in fourth trek at 38. Cume $2,879,307.

“Fantozzi Strikes Back” (Penta). Knockout $1,105,681 in third round at 79. Cume $4,003,874.

“The Neverending Story II (Penta). Slid to $753,375 in third frame at 50. Cume $2,529,070.

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (New Line/Filmauro). Kicked $683,272 in third bust at 46. Cume $2,088,154.

“Three Men And A Little Lady” (Touchstone/WB Italia). Grew to cute $572,431 in third romp at 26. Cume $1,188,273.


For week ended Jan. 10; £1=$1.92.

“Arachnophobia” (WB). Shocker opened with loud $197,416 for eight theaters.

“Home Alone” (Fox). Busy in fifth at 10 with $138,518. Cumulative total $818,382.

“The Sheltering Sky” (Palace). Widened to five screens for stylish $118,850 sixth orbit. Cume $674,927.

“Air America” (Carolco/Guild). Preem flight took good $107,038 via single largeseater.

“Ghost” (Par/UIP). Rousing $103,500 in 14th week at three spots. Cume $3,318,362.

“The Nasty Girl” (Mainline). Bowed with sterling $91,908 for three screens.

“Fantasia” (Disney/WB) (reissue). Second lap at three tallied satisfying $90,764. Cume $205,997.

“Metropolitan” (New Line/Mainline). Sharp $66,444 eighth at three. Cume $569,140.

“Goodfellas” (WB). Okay $59,885 through 11th turn at four. Cume $1,209,830.

“The Comfort Of Strangers” (Rank). Lively $40,591 in sixth at one. Cume $288,573.


For week ended Jan. 6; $1=95 pesetas.

“Home Alone” (Fox/M. Salvador). Lovely $207,278 at nine houses in third assault. Cume $631,010.

“The Little Mermaid” (Disney/WB). Enchanting $179,848 at seven screens, fifth swim. Cume $815,524.

“Ghost” (Par/UIP). Still-potent $136,418 at five haunts in 10th appearance. Cume $1,831,813.

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (New Line/Lauren). Unstoppable $98,895 at four hardtops, sixth week. Cume $679,273.

“The Neverending Story II” (WB). Good $89,573 at six venues, third telling. Cume $301,345.

“Rocky V” (UA/UIP). Sluggish $80,889 at 10 rings, third bout. Cume $284,363.

“The Sheltering Sky” (Iberoamericana/UIP). Fair $78,180 at seven caravans, fifth crossing. Cume $519,023.

“Pretty Woman” (Touchstone/WB). Superb $52,280 at one hotel, 13th week. Cume (11 weeks) $2,034,629.

“Back To The Future, Part III” (Universal/UIP). Fair $52,102 at four in sixth. Cume $625,576.

“Hard To Be A God” (Araba/UIP). Slow $48,177 at four in third. Cume $162,577.


For week ended Jan. 9; $1=5.84NK.

“Home Alone” (Fox/KF). Good housing on three in fifth with $94,848. Cume $492,875.

“Young Guns II” (Fox/KF). Heavy gunplay with $40,640 on one in second. Cume $127,564.

“Arachnophobia” (Touchstone/WB). Scared up $38,239 in second in one web. Cume $98,946.

“The Little Mermaid” (Disney/WB). Fair $29,702 on four in sixth. Cume $232,946.

“The Hot Spot” (Orion/KF). Steamy $26,632 on one in second. Cume $46,288.

“Air America” (Carolco/Syncron). Flying high with $26,427 on two in second. Cume $78,981.

“Everybody’s Fine” (KF). Italian comedy with good $24,863 on one in second. Cume $49,255.

“Longtime Companion” (Goldwyn/Europa). Excellent $18,331 on one in second. Cume $43,105.

“Rocky V” (UA/UIP). Fighting slowed with $17,875 on three in fourth. Cume $124,983.

“Auntie Danielle” (NFD). Excellent with $15,781 on one in second for French entry. Cume $33,915.


For week ended Jan. 8; $1= 5.2FF.

“Home Alone” (Fox). Soared to first place with boffo $611,824 from 103,699 house sitters in 36 theaters in third round.

“Uranus” (AMLF). Slipped in fourth for still-strong $575,397 from 97,525 tix at 49 planets.

“Pretty Woman” (Touchstone/WB). Great legs in sixth from 95,497 admirers of good-looking $572,982 at 46 sites.

“The Little Mermaid” (Disney/WB). Sank in sixth at 42 pools for seaworthy $527,566 from 89,418 swimmers.

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (New Line/Forum). Snapped up 51,531 tickets at 36 holes in 4th for $304,032.

“Rocky V” (UA/UIP). Went down in third from 49,518 spectators at 40 rings for $292,156.

“La Discrete” (Pan Europeanne). Impressive 46,948 tickets at only 14 screens in seventh for jaunty $276,993.

“Ghost” (Par/UIP). Shadowy ninth at 16 screens with 35,210 tickets for $207,739.

“The Little Criminal” (AMLF). Stole $188,971 from 32,029 victims at 16 places in third.

“Lacenaire” (UGC). Swept away $164,079 from 27,810 at 18 in third.


For week ended Jan. 10; $1=5.7SK.

“Home Alone” (Fox). Pulled strong $100,526 on three in fourth. Cume $374,210.

“The Little Mermaid” (Disney/WB). Continuous big splash with $94,561 on five in sixth. Cume $647,192.

“Macken” (SF). Lots of gas for local comedy with $87,368 on four in third. Cume $326,491.

“Three Men And A Little Lady” (Touchstone/WB). So-so $58,070 on four in fifth. Cume $368,245. d

“The Sheltering Sky” (WB). Marched on” with good $42,807 on one in third. Cume $133,684.

“Cyrano de Bergerac” (Sonet). Long nose and long legs with $41,052 on one in fifth. Cume $195,087.

“Rocky V” (UA/UIP). Fight continued with $36,315 on four in third. Cume $201,578.

“Trop Belle Pour Toi” (Sonet). French comedy pulled $30,701 on one in third. Cume $59,649.

“Wild At Heart” (Goldwyn/Sandrews). Provocative $28,947 on two in 10th. Cume $302,105.

“Ghost” (Par/UIP). Ghostly $25,789 on four in 13th. Cume $582,982.


For week ended Jan. 3; $1=137 yen.

“Total Recall” (Carolco/Toho-Towa). Roared to $976,899 in fifth week at seven screens. Cumulative total $4,592,984.

“Pretty Woman” (Touchstone/WB). An other big boost registered to $888,706 in fourth frame at six sites. Cume $2,938,684.

“The Neverending Story II” (WB). Jumped to $694,576 in third round at eight situations. Cume $1,845,123.

“Rocky V” (UA/UIP). Dipped to $505,722 in fourth round at eight sites. Cume $2,380,241.

“Chibimaruko-chan” (Toho). Boosted to $381,116 in third round at six spots. Cume $814,663.

“Ghost” (Par/UIP). Still strong with $353,563 in 14th frame at three locations. Cume $8,667,522.

“Dick Tracy” (Touchstone/WB). Okay $310,343 in third week at four sites. Cume $915,491.

“Best Guy” (Toei). Charmed $228,198 in third week at four screens. Cume $587,526.

“Die Hard 2” (Fox). Hung in at one spot for $78,375 in 15th week. Cume $9,378,097.

“Narrow Margin” (Orion/Toho-Towa). Narrow $75,538 in fourth ride at one screen. Cume $326,717.

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