B.O. Up, Thanks To ‘Wolves,’ ‘Postcards’

Thanks to a hearty infusion of new product and school vacations in Britain, France and Scandinavia, the foreign B.O. perked up considerably last week.

“Dances With Wolves,” “Awakenings,” “Postcards From The Edge” and “Look Who’s Talking Too” gave business impetus and a welcome distraction from Persian Gulf concerns.

As expected, the Oscar nominations assured “Dances With Wolves” a mighty liftoff in Australia (nearly $500,000 on 16 screens), the Netherlands ($515,450 on 23), Sweden ($582,000 on 31) Norway ($413,260 on 25), Finland ($85,060 on five) and France (42,620 admissions in two days on 51).

Second weekend on four London screens was up 11%, portending a bonanza when it widens to 60 prints March 8. Majestic Films Intl. is masterminding the ad/promo campaigns in collaboration with local distribs.

“Look Who’s Talking Too” galvanized Scandinavian audiences, pulling $380,000 on 27 screens in Denmark, $346,000 on 19 in Norway and $300,000 on 50 in Sweden. Figures in Demark were 62% up on the original pic, Columbia Tri-Star reported.

Same distrib’s “Awakenings” made handsome bows in Germany with $925,000 on 150 prints, $380,000 in Italy on 29 and $330,000 in Spain on 39.

Of the longrunners overseas, Paramount/UIP’s “Ghost” advanced to $229 million, Fox’ “Home Alone” surged to $111 million and UA/UIP’s “Rocky V, ” fast running out of breath, nudged $70 million.

After a couple of weeks, Universal/UIP’s “Kindergarten Cop” has hauled in $34 million, strongest in the U.K. and Germany, but relatively soft in France, never an easy market for Yank comedies. From a handful of territories, Fox was pleased with “Predator 2” ($9.4 million cume) and “Marked For Death” ($4.5 million). WB/Touchstone’s “Three Men And A Little Lady” easily was the top draw in its second frame in Britain.

‘Belle’ warms Japan

In Japan WB’s “Memphis Belle” drew 186,000 patrons in the first week at 68 screens – a laudable result – but the second weekend was off about 40%. In Paris ticket sales improved marginally to 872,000, stimulated by a typically rapturous Gallic response to Woody Allen’s “Alice” and solid starts by local comedy “One Can Always Dream” and “Babar’s Triumph”; less impressive newcomers were “Misery” and “The Neverending Story II.”

Italo b.o. also lifted slightly, with the top 10 titles in key cities grossing $6.8 million, helped by miserable, wet weather. “Paprika,” Tinto Brass’ latest plunge into erotic nostalgia, had a fine first outing with $672,000 at 58 sites, and will gradually fan out to 120.

After a disastrous run in North America and Britain, Universal/UIP’s “Havana” arrived in Spain with a highly respectable $825,000 at 68 prints. Reviews were mixed, but the Spaniards clearly relate better to the subject, although Sydney Pollack’s pic started well in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Down Under the top 20 pictures grabbed $4.4 million, 7% up on the previous frame, with session leader “Green Card” off a mere 10% in its third on 83 screens, ahead of first-timer “Postcards From The Edge.”


For week ended Feb. 14; $1-1.65 guilders.

“Kindergarten Cop” (Universal/UIP). Colossal $58,930 opening in two schools.

“Dances With Wolves” (Orion/Meteor). Beautiful first encounter brings $48,450 to one wigwam.

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (New Line/Concorde). Slow $13,243 from one toy shop in first merchandising.

“The Sheltering Sky” (WB/Concorde). Desert stamina with $12,734 from one tent in 11th sojourn.

“Home Alone” (Fox/HFR). Tired with $10,850 from two suburbs in eighth holiday.

“The Witches” (WB/MPG). Pale $10,458 from two mousetraps in ninth gathering.

“Ju Dou” (Miramax/Argus). China treat, now nominated for an Oscar, brought $10,026 from two screens in ninth exposure.

“The Hairdresser’s Husband” (Cor Koppies). Clean $9,939 from one salon in third treatment.

“Let’s Get Lost” (Zeitgeist/Melior). Surprise $8,763 opening for docu at one arthouse.

“Pacific Heights” (Fox/MPG). Mortgage fell to $8,014 from a single dwelling in third sale.


For week ended Feb. 14; $1=158 drachmas.

“Rocky V” (UA/UIP). The main contender in second match at 11 arenas for $62,051. Cumulative total $185,917.

“Reversal Of Fortune” (WB/Sovereign). First injection perked up crowds at four villas for $38,396.

“Flatliners” (Col). Third experiment lively at five for $26,715. Cume $210,366.

“Home Alone” (Fox). Defense held up in eighth attempt at five forts for $25,379. Cume $866,459.

“Everybody’s Fine” (Sovereign). Hope sprang anew in fourth journey to two residences for $12,807. Cume $82,023.

“Athenians” (GFC/Spentzos). Con artists in local comedy had some following at first heist at fives theaters for $12,359.

“Pretty Woman” (Touchstone). Still infatuated in ninth tryst in four hideaways for $9,391. Cume $952,820.

“Cyrano de Bergerac” (Sonet). Souls over cynicism in sixth reading at one abode for $6,165. Cume $58,617.

“Goodfellas” (WB). Trigger-happy crowd has a go at two setups in seventh job for $4,911. Cume $327,908.

“Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (MGM) (reissue). Hard-hitting drama sizzled at one hearth for $4,521.

Indies not reported.


For week ended Feb. 20; $A1= 78 ¢.

“Green Card” (Touchstone/Roadshow). Bloomed $1,072,686 in 83 hothouses in third. Cumulative total $3,897,559.

“Postcards From The Edge” (Col). First mail delivered $557,706 in 73 boxes. Cume $557,706.

“Dances With Wolves” (Orion/Majestic Films Intl./Hoyts). Waltzed $498,756 from 16 in first.

“Kindergarten Cop” (Universal/UIP). Caught $381,184 in seventh at 94 centers. Cume $7,691,742.

“Home Alone” (Fox). Tenth took $368,056 on 88. Cume $9,775,091.

“The Exorcist III” (Fox/Morgan Creek/Roadshow). Pulled $351,666 out of 62 in first spell. Cume $351,666.

“Ghost” (Par/UIP). Brought home $294,090 from 95 in 17th return. Cume $15,290,848.

“Look Who’s Talking Too” (Tri-Star). Somewhat sotto voce $156,094 in fifth from 56. Cume $3,291,834.

“Reversal Of Fortune” (WB/Roadshow). Wealth slipped in second with $155,416 at 39 mansions. Cume $438,479.

“Three Men And A Little Lady” (Touchstone). Clocked $103,536 at 40 in 11th. Cume $7,726,430.


For week ended Feb. 17; $1= 5.6DK.

“Look Who’s Talking Too” (Col/Tri-Star). Swell $84,880 in bow at five houses.

“Kindergarten Cop” (Universal/UIP). Buoyant second frame at trio nabbed $74,188. Cume $115,391.

“Home Alone” (Fox). Vacationing crowds lapped this up to the tune of $31,802 in ninth lap at four. Cume $445,369.

“Postcards From The Edge” (Col/Tri-Star). Smart $27,064 in debut at three.

“Arachnophobia” (Hollywood Pictures/WB). Fifth week at three grabbed okay $19,905. Cume $143,792.

“My Father’s Glory” (Camerafilm). Handsome $18,368 in second at duo. Cume $42,043.

“Memphis Belle” (WB). Lost altitude with $16,590 on three in third outing. Cume $54,364.

“The Little Mermaid” (Disney/WB). Bounced back into the chart in 12th week at four with $16,374. Cume $524,586.

“Pacific Heights” (Fox). Descended to $14,145 in fifth week at three. Cume $159,667.

“Nikita” (Dansk). Fair $11,381 in 10th turn at two. Cume $283,569.


For week ended Feb. 13;$1= 1.45DM.

“Home Alone” (Fox). Eased to $3,762,029 in fourth week at 508 units. Cumulative total $19,607,055.

“Kindergarten Cop” (Universal). Sparkling 304-print bow fetched $2,272,161.

“Highlander II” (Highlight). Fair $1,256,858 in second frame on 308 screens. Cume $3,758,957.

“Cyrano de Bergerac” (Concorde). Improved to $528,848 in fourth fight at 58 locales. Cume $1,764,491.

“Rama Dama” (Senator). Waning $452,988 in fifth struggle at 134 outlets. Cume $2,708,192.

“Arachnophobia” (Hollywood Pictures/WB). Spooky $406,392 in fifth spin at 208 webs. Cume $3,911,540.

“Sibling Rivalry” (Col/Jugendfilm). Indifferent $285,253 in sixth spiel at 101 places. Cume $2,220,364.

“Reversal Of Fortune” (WB/Fox). Modest 71-print launch reaped $253,909.

“Presumed Innocent” (WB). Sluggish $245,428 in ninth hearing at 160 courts. Cume $6,322,435.


For week ended Feb. 21; $1= 3.6FM.

“Three Men And A Little Lady” (Touchstone/WB). Superb $54,640 in first burst at two homes.

“Dances With Wolves (Orion/Finn-kino). Elegant $49,310 preem at one.

“Kindergarten Cop” (Universal/UIP). Second outing at two dipped to $39,952. Cume $92,835.

“Postcards From The Edge” (Col/Tri-Star/Finnkino). Smart $37,450 bow at pair.

“Predator 2” (Fox/Finnkino). Sharp $35,195 in opener at one.

“Home Alone” (Fox/Finnkino). Ninth frame at two garnered steady $22,433. Cume $509,701.

“Miller’s Crossing” (Fox/Finnkino). Fair $22,170 in second at pair. Cume $47,113.

“Pacific Heights” (Fox/Finnkino). Fifth lap at one stole $19,600. Cume $183,592.

“The Sheltering Sky” (WB). Good $18,243 in sixth at solo. Cume $182,590.

“Cyrano de Bergerac” (Finnkino). Fine $14,997 in fourth at one. Cume $63,888.


For week ended Feb. 17; $1 = 1,110 lire.

“Highlander II” (Filmauro). Enchanted $1,759,604 in second spell at 91. Cumulative total $3,175,136.

“Home Alone” (Fox). Slid $1,585,717 in fifth attempt on 110 mansions. Cume $7,402,807.

“Paprika” (Chance). Tinto Brass’ softcore opus bowed at 59 bordellos to hefty $672,622.

“Alice” (Orion/CDI). Cute $494,817 at fourth turn at 54. Cume $1,705,007.

“Air America” (Carolco/Penta). Shot to $492,429 in third trip at 36. Cume $837,863.

“Nikita” (Penta). Attractive $465,300 in 10th chase at 75. Cume $5,647,006.

“Mediterranean” (Penta). Caught $394,069 in third swim at 56. Cume $629,674.

“Pacific Heights” (Fox). Conned $370,563 in fourth scam at 56. Cume $1,520,589.

“Billions” (Penta). Skimpy $302,673 in fourth effort at 59. Cume $1,346,992.

“The Sheltering Sky” (WB/Penta). Dissolved to $271,741 in 10th trek at 49. Cume $8,667,970.


For week ended Feb. 21; £1=$1.97.

“Three Men And A Little Lady” (Touchstone/WB). Huge $373,441 second at seven theaters. Cumulative total $702,932.

“Dances With Wolves” (Orion/Guild). Brilliant $289,356 second at four. Cume $545,000.

“Postcards From The Edge” (Col/Tri-Star). Fancy $210,075 fourth week on seven screens. Cume $815,537.

“Kindergarten Cop” (Universal/UIP). Zippy third with $174,296 at five. Cume $587,776.

“Cyrano de Bergerac” (Artificial Eye). Steady sixth with loud $165,299 at four. Cume $1,242,764.

“The Grifters” (Miramax/Palace). Stylish $153,650 third at five. Cume $507,560.

“Miller’s Crossing” (Fox). Opened with nice $138,507 total at five houses.

“Home Alone” (Fox). Oke $48,139 11th turn at five. Cume $1,198,645.

“Reversal Of Fortune” (WB/Rank). Fairish $47,881 sixth at four, but with one house record. Cume $571,992.

“Duck Tales” (Disney/WB). Second lap widened to six screens for modest $42,440 total. Cume $49,358.


For week ended Feb. 17; $1=92 pesetas

“Wild At Heart” (Goldwyn/Lauren). Boffo $125,435 at four sites in third week. Cumulative total $361,260.

“Havana” (Universal/UIP). Promising preem of $123,515 at 11 isles in three days of release.

“Home Alone” (Fox/M. Salvador). Great $89,825 at five homes in ninth assault. Cume $1,300,113.

“Marked For Death” (Fox/M. Salvador). Wan $72,949 at eight screens for third marking. Cume $263,601.

“Ghost” (Par/UIP). Bouncy $67,263 at five haunts in 16th appearance. Cume (15 weeks) $2,247,697.

“Los Mas Natural” (C.B.). Middling $55,722 at seven hardtops fourth week. Cume $210,538.

“Postcards From The Edge” (Col). Edgy preem $51,984 at four in first three days of release.

“Pretty Woman” (Touchstone/WB). Inexhaustibly lovely $40,780 at two hotels in 19th week. Cume $2,240,631.

“Memphis Belle” (WB). Lame $40,306 at six strips for fourth flight. Cume $184,507.

“The Rookie” (WB). Downbeat $39,694 at five in fourth. Cume $213,087.


For week ended Feb. 20; $1 = 5.82 NK.

“Dances With Wolves” (Orion/Europa). Very good opening bow with $82,028 on one. Cumulative total $90,796.

“Look Who’s Talking Too” (Tri-Star/Syncron). Another strong debut with $77,777 on three.

“Green Card” (Touchstone/WB). Excellent second week, with $77,491 on two. Cume $163,068.

“Kindergarten Cop” (Universal/UIP). Excellent break, with $62,204 on two. Cume $62,204.

“Home Alone” (Fox/KF). Still behaving in 11th week, with $33,437 on two. Cume $780,347.

“Pacific Heights” (Fox/KF). Up there in third week, with $32,445 on two. Cume $152,230.

“Reversal Of Fortune” (WB/KF). No going back for strong $21,646 opening on one. Cume $26,646.

“The Sheltering Sky” (WB). Dragged its feet with $20,700 on one. Cume 130,879.

“Memphis Belle” (WB). Swell with $19,790 in second week on one. Cume $47,102.

“The Little Mermaid” (Disney). Still afloat with $16,651 on four. Cume $334,963.


For week ended Feb. 19; $1= 5FF.

“Alice” (Orion/Col). Mighty $641,160 in second from 106,860 wives on 21.

“Kindergarten Cop” (Universal/UIP). Slow $629,094 bow for 104,849 officers in 42 classrooms.

“Operation Corned Beef (Gaumont). Solid second investigation with $582,618 from 97,103 at 43.

“Highlander II” (Deal/UGC). Slumped in second adventure to $479,136 from 79,856 on 47.

“One Can Always Dream” (AMLF). Laughed away to $416,490 in first romp on 25 by 69,415 pranksters.

“Misery” (Par/UGC). Shed a tear in 25 site opener for $322,278 from 53,713.

“The Neverending Story II” (WB). Failed to sparkle in 31 house debut for $308,490 from 51,415.

“Babar’s Triumph.” (Forum) Thunderous $134,322 first trumpet from 22,387 elephants in 13 jungles.

“Henry V” (AFMD). Rallied 20,379 troops in fifth siege for $122,274 on 10.

“The Grifters” (Miramax/Gaumont). Reduced 10 site fourth dropped back to $119,826. from 19,971 baddies.


For week ended Feb. 21; $1 = 5.6SK.

“Dances With Wolves” (Orion/Planborg/Egmont). Danced up a storm with $122,678 in first week.

“Green Card” (Touchstone/WB). Outstanding second week with $100,178. Cumulative total $199,464.

“Look Who’s Talking Too” (Col Tri-Star). Weighed in at above average $58,571. Cume $58,571.

“Home Alone” (Fox). Romped with $49,821 in 10th week. Cume $732,500.

“Arachnophobia” (Hollywood Pictures/WB). Not so scary with $25,000 in fourth week. Cume $171,428.

“Pacific Heights” (Fox). Not so high with $21,428 in fifth week. Cume $218,214.

“Kindergarten Cop” (Universal/UIP). Failed to grow up with $19,107 in third week. Cume $111,786.

“The Little Mermaid” (Disney/WB). Looked pretty with $18,392 in 12th week. Cume $863,571.

“Cyrano de Bergerac” (Sonet). Wilted with $18,214 in 11th week. Cume 357,500.

“Macken” (SF). Poor ninth week, with $17,678. Cume $531,607.

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