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24th SAG Awards

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    • Colette


      Keira Knightley stars as a 19th-century French writer forced to live in the shadow of her Svengali-like husband in this empowering biopic.

    • Monsters and Men Sundance

      ‘Monsters and Men’

      Reinaldo Marcus Green examines how a police shooting affects Brooklyn locals in this topical and unexpectedly low-key drama.

    • 12 Strong

      ‘12 Strong’

      Chris Hemsworth leads a Special Forces unit in Afghanistan right after 9/11. But can an “authentic” war drama be a facile action pic?

    • 'Den of Thieves' Review: Gerard Butler

      ‘Den of Thieves’

      Gerard Butler is better than usual in a thriller about L.A. cops and robbers that works hard (and long) to ape the spirit of Michael Mann.

    • THE RESIDENT: L-R: Manish Dayal, guest

      ‘The Resident’

      A pessimistic view of modern healthcare stars Matt Czuchry as a renegade doctor and Bruce Greenwood as his corrupt boss.

    • Black Lightning -- "LaWanda: The Book

      ‘Black Lightning’

      The Greg Berlanti/DC Comics empire adds its first African-American lead — and injects new life into the superhero format.

    • Mankind review


      In the near-distant future, when women have gone extinct, a young man becomes pregnant after a casual affair.

    • Hamilton review London


      In the Broadway smash’s first outing beyond American soil, there’s a lot riding on the West End transfer of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit.

    • Farinelli and the King review

      ‘Farinelli and the King’

      Mark Rylance delivers a tour de force performance as King Philippe V, whose sanity hangs on the voice of the castrato Farinelli.

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